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A professional and business networking opportunity for Afro Portuguese Businesses to share the experience find partnerships and investors, and learn from their peer in a relaxed and trustful environment.



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Online START-UP Investors Forum

Brings investors from EU, UK and Afro Portuguese Countries with the goal of finding angel investors with our wealth of resources knowledge, and investment opportunities.

APSC Business Conferences
Motivational Speakers 

We are here to connect investors to Afro Portuguese countries, as this organization has linguistic and cultural knowledge of both countries and this conference will be the opportunity to materialize these businesses. 

JOB Summit

Looking for a job can overwhelming frustration and can leave you disappointed, not knowing what you're doing wrong. APSC BA make it simple and enjoyable at Job Summit

The APSC Business Alliance Management Team

We hereby wish to propose a business partnership with your company. Our company has a strong customer base in the UK, EU and African Portuguese Countries. We appreciate your plan to expand your territory to the Afro Portuguese Businesses in the UK, EU and Africa. We have business strongholds in these regions and our Management Team and partnerships would help your company to expand.



Our Experts Are the Finest

To ensure a clear focus for our activities, the APSC Business Alliance Management Team defined the management strategy of APSCBA member companies and entrepreneurs within the framework of the basic regulation. A clear priority when developing the mission and vision statements is to ensure that the resources available to the APSCBA Management Team contribute in the best possible way to achieving the objective established in the basic regulation.


The current APSCBA Management Team is based on a solid analysis of the lessons learned so far from the experience of each professional that makes up the Management Team and also on the analysis of the challenges that lie ahead. A clear objective is to emphasize the role of facilitator of the relationship between the Investor and the Project/Company/entrepreneur and vice versa in the development and exchange of information and to cover the active role of APSCBA in communication and in the creation of networks/business networking. In this sense, the Management Team also wants to highlight the important role that intermediaries play in its work.​



I offer my sincere congratulations to you all for the tremendous event you put on October 2021 from 24th to 30 of October 2021. More than an event it was a 6 day extravaganza!


To come away with a wide range of projects with a total value of some $2.25bn is also spectacular.

David Smith
President & Chair holder of BABA

British African Business Alliance  




APSC 2020 has joined forces with the largest network of entrepreneurs and investors in Great Britain BABA (British African Business Alliance) creating from this an alliance “APSC Business Alliance” part of the African business alliance a network of business leaders focused on Afro Portuguese countries in the United Kingdom; We join forces to stimulate innovative investment, business partnerships, development projects and job creation in Portuguese-speaking African countries on the African continent and in the United Kingdom.

25th - 31st of October 2021

Our speakers were invited to share their desire to see investments happen for the growth of the Afro-Portuguese economy, as well as to convey the message of the need to further consolidate relations between Africa and the United Kingdom, we cannot pass up a great opportunity to deepen cooperative relations between these countries.

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